What power

12 01 2009

I’ve been rereading Crawling at Night by Nani Power, and it is a flabbergastingly good read. I wish, each night, before I lay me down to sleep, that I could write like that. All that insight into her characters, the hints of the past that push the present, the beautiful tangents that end up being significant. She picks a theme, like Murasaki Shikibu dying at age 37 and compares it to the main character’s age of 37, and then extrapolates it thorughout the novel. The book is filled with movement, but all of her characters are still quietly sad, stormy. I think I love them because they remind me of myself.

If you get a chance, read it, read it. Also, her Sea of Tears is good, in a cleansing way. Unlike Crawling, which lingers and in still moments  you’ll see Ito sadly bent over, making sushi in 17 precise movements.




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