Writing is always about you

23 01 2009

You know what I’m noticing? No matter what you’re writing about, there’s always an element of ‘self’ inserted. You would probably say that this is obvious, but I just fully realized it today.

Maybe that’s why I like writing so much. My ego can endure many many strokes.

With that, a poem about me, getting drunk:

When I get
only takes
two drunks to
make my world
peachy keen

a draught of hard
apple cider…
a lemon
drop then
my dapple cheeks
get red and apple-d.

I am in a
at sea
the waves are view-y
magnified in
the tree lined distance

I am prancing
on lawns
Yelling at stars —
till dawn


Come down. Come down.
Lady on the moon
Come down!

The world is my empty
saloon stage
where I can rage,
I can rave
It all will spin like
an umm um-
while I am standing on tipsy

on top.




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