I’m alone

3 02 2009

I’m in Holbrook Arizona, a butthole of a place, long eternal street running through the heart of it, and nothing beyond. Anyway, last night I took a walk in the dark, to score a cigarette from the circle K, a mile away. It was frightening, a homeless man muttered at me, and a large black truck paused on the road and the man inside it watched me. I got back, relieved, and wrote this poem:

Monday evening
in the highlands
string of streetlights
shine my footsteps amber

shallow breathed
I’m walking
in elevated air –
two blocks down
to the Circle K

cars whisk transient
wind through my hair
cheeks blown chapped
and flushed from cold.

I push through the dark
and freeze down night streets

beyond the freeway
the world drops into eternity
leaden and black

Cigarette in hand,
I glow like the ember,

a distant pinpoint of light
glorying in solitude




2 responses

4 02 2009

I seriously dig this poem! Must check out more

18 02 2009

Good poem. You create the environment so well that I really didn’t need to read to the preamble.

“Cheeks blown chapped” is really nice.

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