I lost a book

9 02 2009

I lost a book when I was just halfway through with it. I hate that!!!!! Not that it happens to me a lot, like books just fly out the window, a la i love lucy in the episode where she thinks Ricky’s trying to kill her. Anyway, It was Jesus’ Son, and a friend loaned it to me with the warning that if I lost it she would “hate me”.

Since I rather like my friend, and would feel pretty bad (7 on a scale of 1-10) if she hated me, I feel extra sucky.

The book was good too. Refreshing short stories for my limited attention span and fried jumpy synapses. There was this one passage where it started hailing outside him and his lover’s window, and the greenish-blue balls of hail fell all over the lawn, and it was magical, both the prose and the magicalness. So the marbles on the lawn was a really original image, and I used marbles in my poem that I just posted. I don’t normally think about marbles.

So yeah. I lost that. Will have to buy a new copy.

I don’t know what to read, lately, haven’t got patience for anything heavy. I’ve been reading a little Plath, but that just makes me really suicidal. I really admire her originality with words, but seriously, get some zoloft girl, bake (haha) a cake, something.

Oh, how I love making baking references when discussing Sylvia Plath. Oh, I’m going to hell.

Sylvia Plath always makes me think of ovens, which always makes me think of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, when Hansel played with his head in the oven.

Anyways, I’m blabbing, I just wanted to complain about how I hate losing books, and ask for reading suggestions (from my audience of maybe a baker’s dozen (haha :(….).


Two things: 1) In the book, he describes the ocean as “crawling toward us”, CRAWLING!? What a crazy way to describe an ocean, I love it. I need to think of original things like this, “the oranges twirled toward the ground” ugh. I think this might be one of those spur of the moment strokes of brilliance.

2) I thought of a good line, “my cigarette smoke will be the only thing that clouds the sky” or something like that. Aloneness, that might be a theme, lately.




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