The power of my singing

10 02 2009

I’m still working on this, there are  a few spots with rough rhymes, but I like it a lot, I’ll keep updating it as it changes:

Song without words,
words without meaning,
do you?
Do you know the power
of my singing?

I say ocean
you think of dolphins
how they cried
their mermaid cries
last summer when all
the sea creatures died.

I am a leaf,
a maple leaf,
over the valley
borne on the wind

the farmer watches
he and his lamb
their wooly heads lift
and look at me soar

a patch of orange
lost in autumn
they forget me
as I pass by.

let. me. tell. you. about. my. grand. father.

He had a short tongue
he could not talk pretty
all his sentences
were punctured
with. period. s. too. many.

His speech was stilted
but his stilts were smooth
alabaster soapstone
he carved with old bones.

He loved cranberries
picked into lakes
thrown in his pocket
to sweeten my tongue.

Three things, I’ve said
about my lost grandfather
two of them are lies
the other’s a half-truth,
half on the outside
half in the in.

But it doesn’t matter,
I’m a leaf on the wind
lift your eyes to watch me
close them as I pass

Soon, you’ll forget me,
forget me, soon, you will.

You’ll never remember,
you’ll never.
the power
the power of my singing.




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