Confound it!!!

26 03 2009

I just emptied my spam folder, and as I was pushing empty, my eyes caught on something from some editor or another. A response to a submission!! I deleted it!!!! What the fuckery, god dammit.

And it went to spam so I can’t get it back. I think I saw what the title was, so I might have an idea of who it was from.


Here’s a poem, GOD!!! I think it’s suitably angry.

Witch Trial (by fire)

Coffee stained Liza
your hair will fry tonight,

acrid orange curls
that waft stale dog scent
and dry throat cigarettes.

Cough cough Lizard Liza,
cursed with skin disease.
Though you cover it with make-up,
you can’t help but leave
those heavy beige streaks.

Burn forever, bitch woman.
Your oily body is a pyre
I pile my hatred upon,
each black thought
is a sharp dry branch,
a torch I’ve pruned from malice.

I bury you in ashes, witch.
The more you hotly thrash
in the thorns and the bramble,
the more weightless I feel.




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